Read Me!

Hey There,

This site is my place for all things techie, nerdy, or otherwise just things that I am interested in…who am I…well, my name is Andrew.  I am probably the biggest nerd you will ever meet, I live in a converted school bus, and I have more tech in that bus than NASA had in the first Apollo mission that landed on the moon…but honestly I don’t care! I love techie things, I like to write about them and I love to share my knowledge.  I also have other hobbies like photography, PC gaming, wood burning, drawing, and more.  I am intending to use this blog space as a place to share all the things I love to do…if you find something you like, then I would love for you to follow me…if not that is okay too.

I have created a YouTube channel which will soon have game and product reviews.  I also intend to have many written reviews on this site as well!  Do you need a publicized article or would you like to have an article written up that you can publish on your site?  I would love to help with this effort…all you have to do is shoot me an email and I will respond to you.  Email link is in the menu on the left!!

If you are looking to get something in the content, there is a page of things I wish I had, please just head there and send me an email with something you might have…once I get enough good content I will let you know when and where to send the items and when to expect to see it posted online!!